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What is the Lohmann Epoxy-Tape?

We have in-depth knowledge of the challenges for adhesive bonds in the automotive industry. That's why we can also find the best solution for you. Thanks to eight different layer thicknesses, these tapes meet almost every requirement of the automotive industry. Learn everything about Lohmann’s Epoxy-Tapes in just a few minutes.

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Epoxy-Tape for the automotive industry – fit for many jobs in your production

DuploTEC® SBF (Structural Bonding Film) is the Epoxy-Tape for the automotive industry. It is as easy to handle as a conventional tape, combined with the advantages of structural bonding - and totally without dripping. The Epoxy-Tape portfolio replaces typical liquid bondings with layer thicknesses of 100-200 µm. In the thickest version with an impressive 2,000 µm it is characterized by outstanding damping properties.

Bonds virtually all materials and offers you extended freedom for material, design and constructional ideas.

Compensation of the highest static and dynamic loads – with an even and uniform distribution of force.

Whether as a roll, a spool or a die-cut: individual and high-precision geometries, combined with defined adhesive film thicknesses.

From Manual to Fully-automatic Processing
Efficient mounting and shorter cycle-times in your series production, thanks to individual process integration.

New whitepapers demonstrate: many strengths, unlimited possibilities!

Testing the Epoxy-Tape

With the new Epoxy-Tape, Lohmann combines the advantages of epoxy adhesives with those of an adhesive tape: easy to handle like a conventional tape, in combination with the advantages of structural bonding - and all this without dripping.
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Eight DuploTEC® SBF Adhesive Tapes
for the Automotive Industry

The Technology

  • Thermosetting Epoxy-Tape
  • Adhesive tape with high immediate adhesion
  • Reactive adhesive tapes with flexible characteristics ranging up to high strength or structural adhesive bonds
  • Various formulas and thicknesses available


  • As easy to apply as an adhesive tape
  • Compensation of the highest static and dynamic forces
  • Extremely resistant to ageing and chemicals
  • High-temperature resistant


  • Thermal curing at 130 - 170°C
  • Curing time min. 10 min
  • Contact pressure min. 10 N/cm²
  • Customizable to individual conditions

Our Product Portfolio: 8 Tapes with eight different layer thicknesses:

Product Name Thickness (Strenths) Initial tack Bonding strength Elasticity
DuploTEC® 10410 SBF 35 µm moderate very high low
DuploTEC® 10411 SBF * 35 µm moderate very high low
DuploTEC® 10490 SBF 100 µm moderate very high low
DuploTEC® 10610 SBF 100 µm good high low
DuploTEC® 10620 SBF 200 µm good high low
DuploTEC® 10630 SBF 630 µm good high moderate
DuploTEC® 10650 SBF 1.000 µm good moderate high
DuploTEC® 10680 SBF 2.000 µm good moderate high

* optimized Liner for better die-cutting properties

Our Competence

With every adhesive bond, we always have your individual customer requirements in mind. As a qualified development partner we are at your side from the very beginning. Your inquiry is for us the beginning of a tailor-made and professional piece of engineering. If required, our international project teams work closely together with you across countries and locations.

B2B Expertise

We consider ourselves a qualified partner of the automotive industry. That is why the dialogue with OEMs and suppliers is particularly important to us. Our experts have many years of experience in serial delivery and will find the appropriate overall solution together with you.

Quality Management

Our testing and manufacturing processes ensure that our products meet the high quality requirements of the automotive industry. For example, we are certified according to IATF 16949 and guarantee the traceability of the delivery and the processed materials.

Solution Finding

Our Bonding Engineers analyze your requirements and find the right technical approach for the application you need. From our Epoxy-Tape portfolio you can choose the adhesive tape with the appropriate parameters for your application.

Everything from a single Source

From the development of the suitable adhesive, via the manufacture of individual and high-precision die-cuts to the efficient integration of the application step into your production line - all of these services can be obtained from us.

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